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  • Using Crystals for Reiki

    Using Crystals for Reiki Attunements


    Reiki Practitioners and Reiki Master Teachers know that during a Reiki treatment or attunement universal energy is channelled to the client or student. This energy, as all energy does, has vibrations. The vibration of energy affects our own energetic system and allows resonance and alignment of our energies with it. When our energies are aligning, balance and healing takes place.


    Crystals have vibrations which are said to encourage our bodies energies to heal through rebalancing our chakras and energetic systems which can help improve overall physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. When our bodies energies our at best we thrive!


    Putting Reiki energy and Crystal energy together is incredibly powerful and healing which is why I personally love this combination.


    Certain crystals known for their high vibrations and attraction toward higher realms, angels and spiritual or psychic development are a popular choice for Reiki work. They allow free flow of energy through the Crown Chakra and Third Eye Chakra, both known for connecting with ones guides, improving intuition and clairvoyance abilities.


    Some of the main Crystals I recommend to use when working with Reiki are for raising vibrations and connecting to higher guidance. These include: Apophyllite, Celestite, Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Moldavite, Danburite and Angelite.



    Please consider – A note on Grounding: I would advise anyone working with high vibrations and spiritual development work to first consider their connection to earth. To fully appreciate the wonders to be had from a journey of spiritual development ensure a good Base of grounding is also used. It will not, as some people worry, keep you too earthed to develop higher awareness. It will infact ensure it is a more solid and pleasant experience as you develop. Connect with the earth through grounding exercises, for example a simple visualisation exercise of tree roots growing out of your feet and into the ground to stabilise you. Crystals for grounding can also be used such as Black or Brown Tourmaline, Boji Stones, Tiger Iron, Black Obsidian and Smoky Quartz. Two of the best crystals I find are great to use when wanting grounding whilst developing higher awareness are Chiastolite and Hematite. Hematite in particular is fantastic for all lower and higher chakras to work in tandem and links earthly energies to higher vibrational energies.


    Enjoy working with Reiki and Crystals together – A perfect partnership awaits you!

  • Shungite - A mystery form of Carbon or a link to the unknown?

    First introduced to Shungite as a unique form of Carbon, I knew I needed to work with, and meditate with, this mysterious light black lump as soon as possible! I was particularly excited that I knew nothing of what properties this is said to hold and, when writing this article, I am still waiting to read any others ... My connection with Shungite is very strong. I have several raw pieces and smooth tumble stones which I work with. My absolute favourite way of working with Shungite so far has been with my wand. The ‘light channel’ that goes through the wand when I hold it is quite amazing. I have worked with the wand and meditated with it also.
  • Crystal Healing Jewellery

    The word ‘jewellery’ comes from the word ‘jewel’ and translates from languages dating back to Latin from the word ‘jocale’ as a ‘play thing’. The idea of wearing or adorning ourselves with attractive items is believed to go back over 100,000 years to beads made of shells.
  • Blue Apple Heroes' Charity (Helping PTSD sufferers) receive Crystal donations from Gifts and Guidance

    When we were approached this year (2014) by Blue Apple Heroes charity for crystals to help create a tranquil, inviting and relaxing environment for PTSD sufferers, we jumped at the chance!
  • Gifts and Guidance supply Pirates of the Caribbean with crystal treasures!

    In 2010 Gifts and Guidance were honoured to work with Blackbeard productions to supply the set with crystals for their latest offering; On Stranger Tides. Hung in our office, in pride of place, is our thank you letter from them, confirming they had finished the movie and the crystals were great. Perhaps the crystal healing power helped Johnny Depp in his awesome role?
  • Gifts and Guidance work with Love Bullets

    Gifts and Guidance have been working with LOVEBULLETS for some years now, enthused by the creativity and unique jewellery concepts each piece offers. The combination of bullet casings alongside healing crystals works to produce individual jewellery and accessory items that stand out in a crowd! Gifts and Guidance continue to work with LOVEBULLETS and always eagerly anticipate which healing crystals their latest creations will involve.
  • ‘Being the change we wish to see’

    During a worldwide distance meditation session I had organised on 12th December 2012, I was given some simple yet effective advice. Whilst laid surrounded by crystals, cloths, oracle cards, candles, chimes and all my usual goodies I meditate with, I began the meditation, excited as to what higher guidance and soul shifting messages I may receive at this high vibration time of 12.12.12
  • Cleansing Your Crystals

    Crystals, just like people, can become ‘over used/loaded’ and exhausted, absorbing negative energy from their surroundings. Cleansing your crystals can release this negativity and any attachments, avoid build ups/exhaustion, and prepare the crystal to be at its best prior to use.

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