Medium Value Crystal Box Set Mixed Gemstones

Medium Value Crystal Box Set Mixed Gemstones

Amazing Value Crystal Box Set

Great collection set of gemstones in storage box with light foam sheet for protection

Various Gemstones 'Sample Shown' Box filled with many types of Stones

Great Value - Each box sent with list of Crystal Types

Works out much cheaper than single stones great variety - Sizes and weights will vary - If there are particular stones you are looking for we will try to include if possible

There are Small, Medium and Large sets - this is a Medium set

Crystals shown in this sample set: 1 x 1.75" Desert Rose Specimen 1 x 1.5" Aragonite Sputnik 1 x 2.15" Rough Unakite piece 1 x 2" Rose Quartz piece 1 x 1" Citrine Piece 1 x 1.45" Natural Malachite piece 1 x 1.5" Bornite specimen (Peacock Ore) 1 x 1.65" Quartz point 1 x 1.35" Quartz point 1 x 1" Quartz point 1 x 1.5" Rough Carnelian 1 x 2" Amethyst Bed 1 x 1.4" Laquered Amethyst 1 x 1.3" Apophyllite piece 1 x 2" green Apophyllite piece 1 x 1.75" Smokey Quartz piece with point

Box Dimensions: 4.25" x 4.25" x 2.5"  - Sample Total weight inc. box: 495 grams



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