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Singing Bowls

Singing Bowls are amazing tools for building energy via sound! Their energy vibrations are a blessing to work with and thus have been used for many years. Playing the singing bowl takes a little practice but luckily after only 5-10 minutes most people are familiar with their new singing bowl. Holding the bowl on a flat palm or flat fingers, the other hand is used to hold the baton (stick). The baton is placed on the outer edge of the bowl and, slowly to start, using a circluar motion with the whole arm moving, keeping contact between the baton and the bowl, a sound will be heard. You can practice with firmness of contact between the baton and bowl to hear different sounds. The longer this motion is kept going the louder the sound becomes!

Singing Bowls can also be used by holding the baton and tapping on the outside to produce a sound which is similar to using a gong. Singing Bowls are great for using when working with aura cleansing, building cleansing, breaking up and dispersing negative energies, psychic and spiritual development workshops and when working with sound therapy. Singing Bowls make a great gift and are fun and effective to use!

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