Pyrite Crystals Pendulum Dowsing Tool

Pyrite Crystals Pendulum Dowsing Tool

Pyrite Crystal Pendulum - Large

Exclusive to Gifts and Guidance!

The pendulum swings from a black cord, All crystals are fully encased in a large glass vial with screw top and can be removed and replaced into the pendulum making this a versatile option.

The pendulum is a good weight for dowsing partly due to the gold/brass coloured metal casings.

1 Supplied - Photograph for typical example



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Crystal Name   Pyrite

Colour    Gold

Crystal Healing Properties     Chakra (Crown), Chakra (Solar Plexus), Chakra (Third Eye), Clarity, Insight & Wisdom, Confidence, Empowerment & Positivity, Confusion & Memory, Creativity & Happiness, Power & Strength, Protection & Negativity, Psychic & Spiritual Development