Shungite Raw 300 - 400 Grams Large Electromagnetic Protection Photo For Example

Shungite Raw 300 - 400 Grams Large Electromagnetic Protection Photo For Example

Shungite Raw Large Piece - Photograpgh for Example - Other Sizes Available

Approx Measurements at Max: Between 80mm - 100mm / 3" - 4.5"

Weight: Approx Between - 300 to 400 Grams

This is a low price for Shungite and we keep large quantities of this in stock as it is most economical for people to buy this type over the Elite Shungite we also sell.

PLEASE NOTE: This Raw Shungite form is a bit like Coal - it will leave the black residue on your hands. Please consider this when using and placing around you and the spaces you intend to leave the Shungite to work. When using for water preparation please wash the Shungite first. Various information on preparing raw Shungite for water consumption can be found on Google sites.

Shungite - Shungite is an amazing discovery from Karelia, Russia. It is around 2.2 billion years old! Shungite contains Carbon which is unique; it has fullerenes which is rarely found in nature and is known to have neutralising and detoxifying affects. When used in drinking water Shungite is said to purify the water. When we drink this water it works with our bodies to create balance; eliminating toxins and encouraging health. When used around us and placed on or near our electronic devices Shungite has been scientifically proven to assist with protection from electromagnetic stress / radiation!



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Crystal Name   Shungite

Colour    Grey/black

Crystal Healing Properties     Allergies, Arthritis, Bones & Joints, Asthma & Breathing, Balance, Blockages, Cancer, Depression, Fatigue & Stress, Geopathic & Electromagnetic Stress, Grounding, Headaches & Migraine, Health (General), Hormones & Mood Swings, Immune System, Pain Healing (Physical), Protection & Negativity